Webinar on Practical Accounting & its Scope

Accounting has always been a subject in college as well as a profession in every organization. But the gap between these two is very huge. We, through the help of this webinar want to guide students the extent of this gap and how best to bridge them.


What is Practical Accounting Webinar?

As mentioned earlier, the Practical Accounting Webinar is a webinar especially designed for fresher college students and graduates who wish to pursue their career in professional accounting. It helps them understand the real business accounting documentation, ways to deal with Tax and VAT framework and other software skills that an accountant has to possess in order to excel in their career. 

Who should participate in this webinar?

Anyone whether fresher or experienced accountants as well as college graduates can attend this webinar. Since this webinar is all about practical applications of accounting it really helps you kickstart your career or even boost it if you are experienced one.

How to participate in this Challenge?

Participating in this challenge is super simple. All you need to do is fill up the form that appears in this page. You can also call us or mail us in khataacademy@gmail.com for further enquiries. We shall send you notification and formal announcement soon after.

Are you an Accountant?

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