Real Life Practical Based Accounting Course.​

Practical Accounting Course in Nepal

Practical Based Accounting Course.​

Practical Accounting Course in Nepal

Course Duration

5 Weeks

100% Online

Complete Practical Approach

Daily Efforts

1.25 Hours

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What's this Course about?

Welcome to Khata Business Academy, the online knowledge portal where you can find answers to your professional queries and the practical skills required.

This course is specially designed for students who want to learn and get exposure to Practical Accounting. In addition, the concepts of VAT & Taxation, Accounting Software, MS Excel Basics, and Career Growth secrets are inbuilt in the course.

So, welcome to our most interactive and practical course on Accounting to uplift your career in Professional Accounting. 

Is this Course for Me?

Anyone who wants to learn the practical aspects of accounting can join us. Basic work experience will be an added advantage to get a better understanding. This course is for you:

  • If you are a fresher and looking for a job in the field of accounts & finance.
  • If you have just completed or still ongoing Graduate degree, but would like to be prepared for accounting works in real world.
  • If you are Business Intern & Entrepreneur willing to know their accounting framework.
  • Startup owners looking to extend and track their finances
  • All other accounting enthusiasts

Timeline of the Course

Accounts & Finance
Theoritical knowledge booster and Practical Learning Sessions with real datasets
2 Weeks
Tutor: CA Bipin Lamsal
Accounting Software- Tally Prime & Others
Tally Prime Basics & Live Data Entry & Report Analysis
2 Weeks
Tutor: Kamal Subedi
Excel & Others
Excel Basics & Live Exercises
1 Week
Tutor: CA Gunjana Manandhar

Job Oriented Practical Professional Courses​

These job-oriented practical courses are designed especially for college students who wish to start or boost their career in different related business profiles such as accounting, marketing, human resource, and project management. 

Welcome to Khata Business Academy, the online practical knowledge portal where you can find answers to all of your professional queries and practical skills required. 

How Online Classes are Effective with KBA?

Limited Seat Availability

We have very limited seats available for a batch, making space for instructor to relate to each single students and answer all the queries at live session.

Interactive Materials

We are not handing you books with boring complex paragraphs, rather we have materials that helps you study in story telling format and understand how the real world works outside of the book.

Practice Question Set

Not only a practical set of questions but working with databases in the formats and invoices that of a real business world, is where we make a difference. Imagine how great it would be to gain experience before your first job by working as a virtual accountant with full guidance.

Internship & Assessment

Internship is where you will face the real business world but as a trainee.
We award certificate on completing practical assessment test, raising confidence in you and your employer on your skills
Learn as much as you can and want.

Frequently Asked Questions

This extensive practical accounting course aims to bridge the gap between the college education and real life accounting situation that every accountants have to face when they first start their career. The course has been designed and upgraded batch after batch enabling students to fundamentally grasp the concepts of Accounting, Debit & Credit Rules, Chart of Accounts, Taxation terms and thier accounting effects(VAT, TDS, etc)

You as a student shall be given live task to act as a virtual accountant for a company, asking to perform tasks starting from recording transactions (sales, purchase, receipts, payment etc.) with proper documentation to analyzing and presenting reports in an Applicable Reporting Framework, required & used by Management/ Executives in financial decision making.

After successful completion of the course, the students will be able to learn:

  • Understand the concept of transaction, its type and its accounting implications
  • Understand the role of an accountant from business prospective
  • Recognize the accounting process through software and its difference from manual system
  • Understand the concept of Financial Statements, Chart of Accounts and their interrelationship
  • Understand how debit and credit works in a business world
  • Starting with Journal entries of any type, including VAT and categorizing them into different structure
  • Evaluate the use of VAT, TDS and Income Tax from business prospective
  • Recognize the objectives of using Tally Software, its basic structure and frameworks
  • Recording all transactions in Tally Software, Exporting and Reporting through Tally
  • Start with VAT Return Filing, Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Stock Statement analytics
  • Understand the books to be maintained by accountants, their usages and applications
  • Prepare the sample Financial Reporting for a business along with sample VAT Return
  • Understand the advanced resume writing skills which helps in landing better job in future
  • Preparing checklist for accountants, Do's and Don't, interview skills and career growth plan.

You get a job when you make the interviewer convinced that you are right candidate for the job. This course will certainly groom your skills and help you take interview like a experienced accountant. We help you with your Resume writing, and assist you reach to companies looking for an Accountants. You can definitely check with our students review and profile that they are working on.

You are a lucky one to have been offered course at discounted rate. In addition, we do have referral reward program. Refer the course to your near and dear ones (ofcourse after you like it) and get ….. Off on any other course you wish to take from KBA.

Our course is a mixed bag of Practical Accounting, Tally & Excel. Majority portion of the course focuses on how to do Accounts in real job, so if you are unable or unavailable to continue Tally or Excel class, it's up to you. But we strongly suggests to go through the classes as our instructors are expert and experienced and will definitely give you tips that helps you speed up your own skill and impress your seniors.

Our course is a mixed bag of Practical Accounting, Tally & Excel. Majority portion of the course focuses on how to do Accounts in real job, so if you are willing to take only Excel or Tally course separately, please check our other courses in our website or let us know in the message box for courses you would like us to have for you

"Tally is the most common Accounting Software used in Nepal. Knowing how to use tally for recording and reporting is always a plus point for anyone going for the job interview.
In our course, we have covered Tally to the extend an Accountant needs to learn to present and analyze reports to senior"

Excel is undoubtly used in every offices around the world. To be honest, not knowing to use Excel can be the reason that you shall be ranked lower than other candidates who knows. In this course we have covered the Basics & Intermediate level of Excel. You will be able to actually use it for reporting and analyzing purpose. You will actually be amazed how Excel helps human do work more efficiently.

"Tally is not the only software the entity uses. Company uses software other than Tally depending on the requirement of their business. We cannot cover other accounting software in this course for
a) limited time frame of 30 days
b) Learning tally covers the electronic accounting that an accountant requires"

"Learning Accounting Practically is our major focus. In addition to accounting knowledge there are certain things that an accountants must be aware of which we have covered for you as well:
a) Resume Writing - Resume does matter! Employer do look for the qualities they expect in the resume so first impression via resume is important
b) Check List - As an accountant, there's lot to do other than recording & reporting. Don't Worry we have covered you for that"

Interactive Learning

Online courses with completely practical learning chapters enable you to learn business skills faster than ever.

Online & Offline Excess

Get access to online study materials. Most of the courses are 100% online but for those who wants offline grooming, we have well designed facility.

Nationwide Community

A free and interactive forum is much needed for our students to excel in business learnings. That's where we come in with our nationwide discussion panel.
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Internship Offered
Practical Accounting Course Certificate
Practical Accounting Course Certificate

Get Course Certificate

You will receive a highly valued digital certificate as well as physical copy (on request) at the end of each course.

Practical Learning

Complete several modules ranging from excelling in job to starting your own venture with our practical approach.

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Practical Accounting Course Learners

Impress your Potential Employer with your skills without having any working experience!

Impress your Potential Employer with your skills without having any working experience!​

Practical Accounting Course Learners

What our Students Says


Amrita Nyaupane

I really want to appreciate and thank you KBA for giving us knowledge and skill, the way you were interacting with us was very wonderful as well as the way of teaching. Learning was made interesting as the concept was taught clearly and precisely.
Secondly, I would say the teaching staff was very helpful for communication even after class my doubts were solved personally in a simple and easy manner that was very delightful.

Sunita Gurung

Khata Business Academy has exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad that I chose to enroll in their online accounting training because it has been highly productive during this lockdown. Tutors were incredibly knowledgeable and their teaching styles were very interactive despite the fact it was virtual.
This is the first time I have completed this kind of course and I enjoyed it very well.
Thank you KBA

Nirajan Shakya

My honest recommendation, you won’t regret studying here, you will get enough information both theoretically and practically about accounting plus extra knowledge in a minimum time period. I was a student of this academy, I got a new experience, new studying technique and the most important, networking with different people with different opportunity. Get the hell out of your comfort zone and try it you will be the next recommending the same 😉

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