Virtual Event | 06th Ashwin 2080 | Time: 08:30PM Evening

Your Future in Accounting (Nepal & Abroad)

Understand Futuristic Accounting Techniques, Tools and Outlook

Join the webinar on “Your Future in Accounting (Nepal & Abroad)” to gain an understanding of how an accounting career can be shaped, started and grown in the futures. This webinar is a must for everyone, if you are starting accounting career in Nepal or going abroad for further studies.


Welcome to the “Your Future in Accounting (Nepal & Abroad)” webinar! This session is specifically designed to equip you with upcoming accounting trends, techniques and tools both in Nepal and Abroad. Whether you are an intern, fresher accountant, professional or moving abroad, this session will certainly guide you through the fundamentals of Global Accounting.
What will you learn?
  1. Recent Developments in Accounting Practices
  2. Futuristic Trends and Use of Modern Accounting Tools
  3. Outlook of Accounting Profession From Global Lense
  4. How can you improve your Efficiency and Productivity in Accounting Profession
Become an Accountant the Corporate World Trusts! Whether in Nepal or Abroad.

Your Future in Accounting (Nepal & Abroad)

Virtual Event | 06th Ashwin 2080 | Time: 08:30PM Evening

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