Nation Wide Accountant's Challenge Enhance your accounting skill.

A challenge that has 20 unique accounting & taxation questions, each one carrying practical message that needs to be delivered to all future accountants.


What is Nationwide Accountant's Challenge?

The nationwide accountant’s challenge to be hosted by Khata Business Academy is an interactive quiz series especially designed for fresher accountants as well as college students who wish to pursue their career in professional accounting. 

Why Future Accountant's should take this Challenge?

Though this is a quiz series, it covers all the areas that an accountant has to be aware of while starting their career. So, with the help of this challenge all our future accountants learn what are they lacking on and needs to improve in order to excel in this field. 

How to participate in this challenge?

Participating in this challenge is super simple. All you need to do is fill up the form that appears in this page. You can also call us or mail us in for further enquiries. We shall send you notification and formal announcement soon after.

Are you an Accountant?

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