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Khata Business Academy was established in 2020 as an innovative institute to show fresher college students a pathway into the corporate world and entrepreneurship. It has grown from single course focused on accounting training to an institution providing business executive as well as entrepreneurship development courses delivered online.

Khata Business Academy has online as well as offline framework where students can learn freely and practice them in reference to real business world scenario.

Khata Business Academy has an ambitious vision to become national leader in practical education and applications for business students.

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“The main recipe for success is not the degree one has obtained, it’s the practical application he/she has learnt in his/her life .”

CA Bipin Lamsal, Co-Founder


We are a team of highly motivated business mentors in a mission to develop tomorrow’s global leaders in business.

We have developed a system for our students where they can learn in supportive, practical environment and enter the world of business as refined managers or entrepreneurs.

Our alumni network is independent decision makers and innovation oriented personnel ready to take on the nation by storm.  


Khata Business Academy has developed web based modules to allow students learn what they want, how they want and when they want. Our online as well as live courses have been designed in order to facilitate much faster, more affordable and more engaging way to learn.

With a 24/7 student networking platform, personal dashboard, group webinars and a huge list of pre recorded webcasts, Khata Business Academy provides students with all the support they need to succeed in developing professional skills in corporate world and entrepreneurship.

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CA Bipin Lamsal

CA Bipin Lamsal

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Sujan Shah

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